Lab quality testing, anytime, anywhere.


    Sample collection needs to be precise, reliable and easy to use.


    Patented technology inside each BMF product is designed to measure, prep, and transport blood samples.

  • Lab precision at your finger tips

    Today's lab instruments can run most tests on a single drop of blood.


      Why do phlebotomists collect hundreds of times that much?

      Why do samples have to be shipped refrigerated?

      Why do we have to go to them when everything else comes to us?


      We don't think it needs to be that way.

    • The Team

      Brandon Johnson


      10+ years in diagnostics with a focus in user interface and user experience; raised $3.5M in angel seed funding and built relationships with key customers and collaborators

      Sarah Kalil


      A seasoned life sciences leader with multiple successful COO roles and board level experience.

      Board member of Cadence, Inc., Advisor for the University of Vermont Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Member of the Spark-VT panel for early stage entrepreneurs

      Bill Frezza

      VP Business Development

      Former General Partner Adams Capital.

      40 years in high tech investing, start up management, and entrepreneurship

      Stan Lapidus


      Founding CEO SynapDx,

      Founding CEO EXACT Sciences,

      Founding CEO Cytyc

      Don Hardison


      Former CEO Good Start Genetics,

      COO Lab Corp, GSK Executive

      Barry Berger


      CMO EXACT Sciences,

      Former Lab Director Harvard Pilgrim Labs

      Andy Kamholz


      Has built diagnostic disposables for over 100 companies from start ups to multi-billion dollar companies and is co-inventor on over 50 patents and applications

      Cate Whitfield


      Has built and run 100+ person cross functional teams at ITA software which was acquired by Google for $740M and has 15+ years in QA/QC


      Zoe Barry


      CEO ZappRx


      Moustafa Amin


      Director of US operations for the Elaj Group

      Luke Bulino


      Founding GM Cincotek Medical CR



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